Our Story

When I saw the opportunity to take over the gift shop at Burwash Manor I jumped at the chance and have been at the helm now for just over 1 year. With a small but amazing team of staff to support me, we are open 7 days a week.

Yes we are still really new and with that comes lots of enthusiasm to find the latest products, the newest trends and what’s hot on Instagram right now.

I only buy products that I would want to give or to receive and I am known for my love of product packaging. If a product has amazing packaging or a great brand it will always reel me in to look closer.

I love going to all the trade shows as many as I can throughout the year. They still excite me , meeting new companies or new makers, seeing new products , a chance  to actually meet our current suppliers who we may have only spoken to via email and tell them how amazing they are. Seeing the new colour palettes and trend predictions. I LOVE IT! , I have to go down every single aisle (there’s often over 60) just in case I miss something, I have been known to walk over 15 miles at a trade show.

We love a Flat Lay! Curating all the gifts together in one big picture to show off our wares on Instagram. We often follow a colour theme or showcase one particular range of products, it’s one of our favourite things to do, and we have a great swag bag under the till with an array of pom poms, stars, confetti and ribbons to add that extra touch.

It makes our day when our customers compliment us on the lovely and unusual collection of gifts we have in the shop that they haven’t seen elsewhere or telling us how wonderful the shop is. THANK YOU!

We often feature products from local makers that are hard to find anywhere else! And that brings us much joy too, being able to support the makers out there.

Our small team has a great passion for finding the perfect gift and can offer advice on all kinds of things from this season’s best sellers to what a 16 year old girl might like, to what’s easiest to post to Australia.

They will happily wrap your purchases and make sure that you can find everything you need from our great selection.

Follow @themanorgiftshop on Instagram to keep up with us and our latest products.

We hope to see you soon!

Dawn and the Manor gift shop team

manor gift shop cambridge wide range od gift selections shelves.
cards for every occasion
manor gift shop cambridge wide range od gift selections for every occasion.