Solid Perfume Rocco

Solid Perfume Rocco

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This Solid Perfume-Rocco is a great gift for ladies on the go , with stylish packaging and an amazing scent-who wouldn't like one for their hand bag 

In contrast with the traditional liquid bottle perfume this product is a natural beeswax and skin friendly perfume which is applied directly on to the skin.

A unique way of keeping fresh and smelling good on the go. The perfect gift for ladies always on the go with busy lives or always travelling.

Those who travel often have a problem of spilling liquid perfume or often they are not allowed to take them on board with their hand luggage

These highly concentrated  fragrances are portable, natural and moisturising. It’s so easy to apply and handy too. Perfect for carrying in your handbag or gym bag and you can travel on aircraft with this range. 

This Solid Perfume has a light smooth texture containing Cocoa, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond oil and pure Beeswax, this formula ensures a rich and lasting scent

Dark. Sexy. Indulgent.

An earthy, aromatic and spicy fragrance with deep floral notes. If you are an indulgent, sensual night owl… then this solid perfume is a must!

Top Notes

Saffron, Amber & Rose

Middle Notes

Black Truffle, Ginger & Nutmeg

Base Notes

Vanilla, Patchouli & Oud Wood